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GoSustainable was founded in 2007, by a brother and sister team. After spending three years in Senegal, West Africa, working with rural farmers, it became apparent that many farmers can and do produce a surplus of agricultural products. Lacking markets in which to sell these goods at fair and equitable prices, however, much of this produce is sold at below-market rates, failing to provide much-needed income that could then be used to purchase items such as medicines and high-nutrient foods.

GoSustainanble's mission is to connect these farmers with markets in the developed world, and at the same time, to educate farmers in sustainable and organic farming methods. How can you help? Get involved, or donate your time or resources.

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GoSustainable's Global Farm program is guided by seven Foundational Principles and an exacting set of standards. Read more:

The Label.

GoSustainable's mission is to connect two worlds - the Global North and the Global South - through adoption of the Global Farm labeling program. The label represents the unification of farmers and businesses in sustainable agriculture and business practices the world over, helping the people of the Global South to develop their communities, and better their lives through the fruit of their own labor.

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